Wishbone Ash Drummer Joe Crabtree Develops Drum and Music Software


Wishbone Ash Drummer Joe Crabtree Develops Drum and Music Software

Best known for his drumming with UK classic rock legend Wishbone Ash, Joe Crabtree has developed new and exciting software for the drummer and musician. Crabtree, who has been creating music software for a number of years, is excited to introduce the RhythMachine, OctopuSequencer, Pyramid and PolyNome.

RhythMachine is a tool for generating rhythms and melodies and orchestrating them on the drum kit or pitched instruments. It can be used for ear training, creating vamps to solo over or generating grooves and fills. OctopuSequencer is a tool for creating multi-layered grooves consisting of overlapping time signatures. Its core feature set allows you to easily program and manipulate grooves in order to discover new ones.

Pyramid is an advanced metronome which allows you to easily program polyrhythms and the rhythmic scale. It includes features which make it easy to learn how unfamiliar rates sound.

PolyNome is The Ultimate metronome for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. "Soon after writing Pyramid I met Lucas Ives, a New York-based drummer who used to work for Pixar. I discovered that he had experience coding for the iPhone so we worked together to develop PolyNome. It's basically the metronome that I wanted to own. It has all the functionality of Pyramid and more. We built in the option to program clicks with bars of rest so you can use it to improve your internal clock which is proving to a very popular feature."

For more information on RhythMachine, OctopuSequencer, Pyramid and PolyNome visit: www.JoeCrabtree.com.