Worldwide JOJO MAYER Perfect Balance Workshop Tour announced


Worldwide JOJO MAYER Perfect Balance Workshop Tour announced

SONOR proudly presents: Jojo Mayer on tour with his brandnew Perfect Balance Pedal!!

Jojo Mayer is one of the most highly acclaimed drummers these days. Jojo, son of a touring musician, began his career as a drummer at an early age, receiving his first drum set at the age of two. Having taught himself throughout his childhood, he broke out into the professional music scene at the age of 18, joining the Monty Alexander group. Touring with the group launched him into the major jazz music scene, and he has played at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreux, Nice, and Athens etc., which culminated with his gigging with jazz-greats such as Dizzy Gillespie and Nina Simone. Eventually, after playing with a great variety of artists, he moved away from jazz and into Drum 'n' Bass. Jojo is known for bringing together jazz, drum and bass, jungle, and other influences. He is also famous for his ability to play the rhythms of programmed jungle drum 'n' bass music on acoustic drums, terming this technique "reverse engineering". A few of his main influences areTony Williams, Jack DeJohnette and Buddy Rich. He is the leader of live electronica trio Nerve, which he founded in 1997, and author of "Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer" teaching DVD, one of the most successful drumming DVDs, released in 2008.

This fall / winter 2012, he will perform a 3 month workshop tour with his new pedal, taking him to 17 countries!

Jojo about the pedal: "Over the past two decades, I acquired and played pretty much every pedal on the market. Unfortunately, I could never find a pedal that really worked for me. I found that compared to some legendary vintage pedals from the fifties, most contemporary pedals have plenty of speed and throw on the forward motion, but sluggish response on the beater return. Once the original vintage designs were altered to meet the demand for more striking power, the perfectly balanced action got lost and became top heavy. Like an unbalanced stick, this becomes a considerable disadvantage to execute many of my pedal techniques which allow me to generate effortless speed without sacrificing power. Many pedals try to compensate for this problem with elaborate adjustability but only with limited success.
So I started my quest to put together a perfectly balanced pedal that matches the requirements of today’s music. For about six years I experimented with different parts, drive systems and footboards until I had the blueprint for the pedal that you have in front of you. Other than the action, easy portability and quick set up was a main concern to me. At that point SONOR joined the project and contributed their German precision engineering and an innovative solution for the folding mechanism and self-mounting hoop clamp that works at the push of a button. The Perfect Balance Pedal is a carefully calibrated system that optimizes the linear translation of your foot movements and makes many adjustments expendable. It was designed with a principle in mind that reflects ultimate sophistication to me: Simplicity.
Essentially, it could be described as the soul and feel of a vintage pedal reincarnated in the technology of a 21st century body."

Clinic Dates:

October 7 Cape Town, South Africa (Venue: Mercury Live)
October 8 Johannesburg, South Africa (Venue: Tanz Café)
October 10 Moscow, Russia (Venue: Club Barricada)
October 11 St. Petersburg, Russia (Venue: Arctica)
October 14 Tokyo, Japan (Drums Magazine Festival 2012)
October 16 Tokyo, Japan (Venue: Clubgoodman)
October 18 Surabaya, Indonesia (Venue: Tunjungan Plaza III Expo Center)
October 19 Jakarta, Indonesia (Venue: Auditorium BPPT)
October 22 Belmore, Australia NSW (Venue Canterbury Leagues Club)
October 23 Mount Lawley, Australia WA (Venue: Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts)
October 25 Auckland, New Zealand (Venue: The Langham Hotel)
October 26 Wellington, New Zealand (Venue: San Francisco Bath House)
October 27 Christchurch, New Zealand (Venue: Majestic House)
October 30 Morumbi, Brazil (Venue: EM&T Morumbi)
October 31 Jabaquara, Brazil (Venue: EM&T Jabaquara)
November 1 Campinas, Brazil (Venue: EM&T Campinas)
November 5 Buenos Aires, Argentina (Venue: Maipo Theater)
November 6 Cordoba City, Argentina (Venue: Real Theater)
November 7 Buenos Aires, Argentina (Venue: Cendas Theater)
November 8 Quilmes, Argentina (Signing Session, Grey Music Store)
November 12 Oslo, Norway (Venue: 4Sound Schous Plass)
November 13 Gjovik, Norway (Venue: 4Sound Gjovik)
November 14 Trondheim, Norway (Venue: 4Sound Trondheim)
November 16 Rotterdam, Holland (Venue: Peter Verspuy Muziekinstrumenten)
November 17 Belsele, Belgium (Venue: Sporthal De Klavers)
November 18 Sandweiler, Luxembourg (Venue: Stage Music)
November 19 Ibbenburen, Germany (Venue: Musik Produktiv)
November 20 Hamburg, Germany (Venue: Just Music)
November 21 Neustrelitz, Germany (Venue: Shop2Rock)
November 22 Berlin, Germany (Venue: Just Music)
November 23 Brilon, Germany (Venue: Music World)
November 24 Bochum, Germany (Venue: House of Drums)
November 26 Cologne, Germany (Venue: Yard Club)
November 27 Wittlich, Germany (Venue: Der Musikladen Wittlich)
November 28 Karlsruhe, Germany (Venue: Rock Shop / Crystal Ballroom)
November 30 Ravensburg, Germany (Venue: Musikhaus Lange)
December 1 Munich, Germany (Venue: CO² Club)
December 3 Salzburg, Austria (Venue: Jazzit Musik Club)
December 4 Vienna, Austria (Venue: szene)
December 6 Kriens, Switzerland (Venue: Südpol Musik & Tanz Theater)
December 7 Bern, Switzerland (Venue: Orbital Garden)
December 8 Basel, Switzerland (Venue: Sommercasino)
December 10 Warsaw, Poland (Venue: Olsztyn Club 'Grawitacja)
December 11 Prague, Czech Republic (Venue: Audio Partner)

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This workshop tour is powered by SABIAN cymbals, VIC FIRTH drumsticks, EVANS drumheads and HUDSON music. Find out more about the pedal.

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