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Chus Gancedo

Phil Grijuela Band


Juan Madera

Chus Gancedo got his first drumkit at the age of 12 and has never stopped studying his instrument till this day. He ́s had lessons with some of the greatest drummers around Spain (Salvador Niebla, Ángel Crespo,...) and also around the UK (Pete Zeldman, RitchieStevens, Tristan Maillot,...).

During 2007 Chus got a scholarship from the spanish government to study at the London Centre Of Contemporary Music (LCCM), and graduated with distintion in performance and production that year.

In 2012 Chus won the Shure Mastery competition in Spain and travelled to Iceland to play in the final phase of the international competition. And also in 2013 he won the Roland V-Drum championship in Spain and got the chance to play in the final competition in Germany during the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

He ́s been touring around Spain with different bands and also as a clinician, performing in some of the most prestigious drum festivals around his country, such as La Rioja Drumming Festival.

Facebook: jesus.gancedogarcia