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Dany Schnyder



Dany Schnyder was born 1970 in Lucerne into a family who loved music. Fascinated by rhythms, he was allowed as a young boy to play in his parents' formation at the Lucerne’s Carnival.

At the age of 12 Dany got his first drum set and when he saw star drummer Billy Cobham up close in a live concert, he knew immediately that he wanted to become a professional drummer.

At the age of 15 he founded his first youth band IVORY, with which he played in RADIO DRS, RADIO PILATUS and STADTKELLER LUZERN. Inspired by bands like RICK JAMES, SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE, EARTH, WIND AND FIRE and MICHAEL JACKSON, other bands such as BLASTIN 'B, THE FAX, SHO' NUFF, WILD HEARTS and LARRY WOODLEY (USA) followed with whom he performed at concerts and toured all over Switzerland.


In the mid-1990s, Dany discovered his love for house and party sounds. The combination of the performance of a DJ with his live percussion rhythms from Latin, Brazil and Funk created a new, exciting mix of music and opened up new possibilities for club performances. This new style in combination with the well-known Lucerne DJs STYLE and DREAD J in the already legendary DEEP & FUNKY HOUSE NIGHT, which led to exclusive performances alongside internationally known DJs such as HIPPIE TORALES (New York) and MIKE CLARK (Detroit).

In addition, Dany Schnyder played several exclusive concerts in Moscow together with ROB TERRY (USA). Together with the drummer and percussionist ENZO LOPARDO, he founded URBAN BEATS (House & Funky Beats) and a short time later the TURNBONG project with DJ MURPHY (Funk & Soul) was born.


In 1999 Dany founded the rhythm combo YY-PERCUSSION with some of his best students. They got immediately famous in the scene after their first few appearances. In addition to the annual performances at the Lucerne Carnival, they played for the Cuban Ambassador, cheered on the Brazilian football team, performed in front of over 100,000 spectators at the SOLIDAYS FESTIVAL PARIS and inspired 4 years in a row at the CARNIVAL OF CULTURES in Berlin .


After his studies as a cultural manager in Lucerne, he started his music studies at the University of Chichester, ACM London which he successfully completed with a Master Degree In Contemporary Music Performance.


With over 30 years of practical experience, Dany Schnyder works as a drum and percussion teacher at various music schools in Switzerland as well as in his own modern equipped drum & percussion school in Lucerne.