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David Piribauer


Date of birth : 24th April 1981 - Neunkirchen (Austria)

He started playing drums when he was 10 years old. First he studied privately and played along with his favourite bands and songs. He always tried to get the best out of his drumming and so he attended the music school.

He started his own band - but not with that effect he supposed to have. After that unsuccessful start he joined other bands (national and international) and his drumming developed. Being confronted with a lot of different music styles helped him to keep on learning ...

Since October 2001 he's in Los Angeles to further improve his drumming ... and he made it clear!

He is now a freelance drummer in the United States and played with REVIS (had a song on the DAREDEVIL soundtrack) and many other bands (like SHE WANTS REVENGE and YOTOKYO).