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Erhandy R. "Hendy" Gusti


    Eighty years in Banjarmasin's objectives and its surroundings when there are events often displayed a band at that time quite a name around the Banjarmasin, Pawakha Band as penghiburnya. A peculiarity of this band, in the midst of his performance will be presenting a gimmick that eventually became the hallmark of Pawakha band almost at every opportunity to appear and become an 'attraction' is eagerly awaited by the audience.

    'Places' what the hell? In the midst of Pawakha Band bring the songs .. suddenly a small boy was seven years old and sits directly behind the drums to replace the position of drummer Pawakha, and digebraklah a rock song that was quite popular with the smart and the drummer girl sebaian cause admiration of the audience there.

    Gusti Erhandy Rakhmatullah, so the full name of the little drummer. Yes! It was Hendy who now occupy the "chair" GIGI drum.

    Still revolves around childhood Hendy in Banjarmasin. He was first acquainted with the drum when the house is often held her sister's band practice. As a child in general if there is a set of tools is definitely the most interesting band is drums. Similarly, small Hendy, if the band breaks the exercise again, which disatroni Hendy definitely using that toy drum. Hendy's talent base in the drum, kids exercise band again hit her breasts look Hendy let cuman playful but rhythm bener bat origin. Then the parent diusulkanlah to Hendy Hendy wrote his talent directed.

    Just then not find any matches for drum teacher Hendy, the keyboard teacher who was asked for her sister's love drum lessons to Hendy. Ga can indeed detailed, basic-basicnya cuman wrote, more concentrated on learning musical notes, not prices, beat-beat, yet until the matter is complex playing techniques. Perhaps because it is already a talent, just a few months already small Hendy could mainin some songs. Hendy and be "guest star" Band Pawakha if another gig.

    Banjarmasin Incidentally there is also a bass player and a talented guitar girl the same age as Hendy. Finally, the boy band formed under the name "Little Pawakha Band" with a trio formation Drum, guitar and double bass vocalist. Maybe when it was ama influence the formation of the aging rock group from Surabaya, SAS (which also berformasi trio) who is on the rise.

    Less satisfied with the knowledge gained from the local senior musicians Banjarmasin, Hendy and her brother every school a long weekend, taking the time to Jakarta for Jakarta les to the musicians. Hendy, who was already the fourth grade (1989) really want to learn to Gilang Ramadhan. Unfortunately due to the tight schedule Gilang, Hendy only chance to learn to assistant Gilang, Lemmy Indra Ibrahim at the Workshop (Farabi Music School).

    There is a unique story time at the Farabi Hendy drum lessons. After concentration in one class, all of a sudden there is a peek. The small penengok Hendy and say hello: "Here I gitarin", (apparently it's penengok guitar player). I think the guitarist was irritated ngelihat cil funny drummer to play drums and skilled enough to want the fun of jamming. Then there was a small jam session between Hendy and guitarist earlier. When Indra was also a friend and Gilang Ramadhan was the guitarist. Later found out if the guitar player had turned God Budjana (time was not yet formed GIGI).

    Unique and funny two musicians, one was a boy aged 9 years and only had 26 years met and played together. And now, fifteen years later, two people were jamming with my band on the Tooth.

    The holiday was almost over Hendy back to Banjarmasin. Hendy can pretty packed drumming techniques to develop your own at home. Syangnya little drummer is not really serious in the music world. Play the drums like a toy for him still wrote as well as children's toys in general, such as games and so on. So sometimes if you are also tired of not being touched at all.

    In 1990 when the long vacation arrived, Hendy and his brother went back travel to Jakarta to look for opportunities to add his musical knowledge. His obsession Gilang want to learn to never fade. Hendy has not been more fortunate fate, Like last year Gilang schedule is still solid as well so there is no time for love drum lessons to Hendy. The keyboard player's brother who studied the menu this year to Andy Ayunir. Well same as Andy Hendy les ditawarin his brother, who was then Arir Ayunir Portrait drummer.

    No cane roots were so, then Hendy said yes to tutoring to Arie Ayunir. Almost a full month Hendy transfer drum sciences from Arie.

    Considered to be enough to grow science and 'hours terbang' nya two personnel "Pawakha Little Band" Hendy and Amin (bass player) is raised 'pangkat' nya so personnel "Pawakha Band" (not little longer, though benernya including a child). With the new formation Pawakha its adherents Rock Festival Log Zhelebor, unfortunately not until the final entry.

    The following year (1991) with the 'spirit of 45' Pawakha return follow-up band festival. This time it is not the version Log Zhelbeour. But both the national level are held in Bandung. And the goddess fortuna being impartial, Pawakha took home the first prize trophy to Banjarmasin. More complete Hendy also won the title of best drummer, guitar player as well.

    SMP period (1992 - 1995) Hendy and his junior high band dominated the inter-band festivals and public school in Banjarmasin and Kalimantan. Funny thing follow not the festival 'target band won the championship but want the best drummer cuman wrote.

    In his junior Hendy GIGI was born (actually March 22, 1994), and it really ama ngefans Hendy GIGI. "At that time my collection is complete for the band so cuman DENTAL doang Indonesia, complete from the first album until the latest", the story Hendy. "The more I ama serious ngefans Ronald, until-until the album to anyone who ngedrum Ronald sure if I buy my walo seneng ga song," continued Hendy. DENTAL ama Kefanatikannya kebawa also to his band that also bring all the songs TEETH.

    In high school Hendy began to feel and think that the path his life is playing music. Of which only play a small time until high school he was increasingly aware of if not going to get away from playing music. He began to wonder later he graduated from high school will not go to college in the direction you need a heavy concentration of thought. He further want to concentrate on music, lectures casually cuman wrote. Although he knew it was a pretty controversial idea in his family. Similarly, families / parents in general, they are ideal for college is number one! And a trauma is looming on the eyelid. Her brother is also jamming band, already fit college 'forced' must stop jamming his band, because the signs "lecture no.1" a little violated.

    Hendy be really able to get around to "lecture no.1", " nge-band (also) no.1 "so yes Hen times! And it need proof!

    It's time arrived, the 1998 Hendy graduated from high school and choose a college in Jakarta. Wow! It feels more deket ama wrote his ideals! The first, a desire that can never end well kesampean: Les drum to Gilang Ramadhan! Nyesuaiin les ama busy schedule Gilang so much easier because Hendy already living in Jakarta.

    How Hendy band jamming activities after school in Jakarta? Because they are new in Jakarta so ya still around campus band wrote.

    Later Hendy ngebentuk band called "Fresh" (later renamed "Pawakha"). Sempet already planned to make a demo of his album will be produced by Gilang. But for whatever reason the plan has failed album on the way.

    Threatened "Law Lecture # 1"

    Second year in Jakarta, Hendy got an offer to replace the position of his band's drummer Gilang friends who play regular / routine at a café in Jakarta. Shoots be loved side dish arrived! Began to expand ya! The offer was in okay-in wrote at Hendy and he asked to come to the café where the band was gigging regularly.

    At the appointed time came Hendy into the café. And the surprise is not playing ..... Hendy, who was playing in the band include Donny Suhendra, Mates, Albert Warnerin ... musicians are already very senior to Hendy .......

    "Ah cool .... aja an important tryout", said Hendy in the liver. And even worse, after that first meeting, the next immediate Hendy to drum in the band jamming blues bearers' n jazz called "Big City Blues", the drum player because it has pull out of the country.

    "No pake exercise, do not know the song playing straight .......... wrote ... imagine ... especially seniors ama so the game ", said Hendy. "At least if they are not playing very well suited to be replaced again," he continued.

    It was guessed wrong. Hendy continues to go on "Big City Blues", despite the nagging-nagging of "Oom-Oom" was, so Hendy termed co-star partner who is much older than Hendy.

    From the condition more precisely studied Hendy 'feel' "No cuman wrote a scene from ...", unhgkap Hendy. "Moreover, the band was never pake ... direct exercise play. Rather it is more for me to hone my imajnasi while playing music, "she went on. The short play music in "Big City Blues" is very beneficial to Hendy for the experience and of course non-formal sciences are obtained from the senior friends 'diligent' ngomelin earlier.

    One thing that did not lose its importance. In the "Big City Blues'lah debut Hendy as a professional player in the sense of honor in return got the game. "Not bad ... the habit of submission of the parent cuman jagain Banjarmasin ... now already holding its own money," Hendy said, laughing.

    But it did not not have consequences .... Because manggungnya almost every day ... college has begun to falter. Well lo! What about "the law school # 1"? Alhamdulillah 'crisis' is not protracted. Hendy with all its consequences may prove to His parents passed, and that is: "Lecture 1", "the band (also) 1". In 2003 he graduated with a degree in communications.

    Surprise, Surprise and Surprise

    In addition to regular gigs at the café, "Big City Blues" is also a regular gig on "Blues Night" one of the show TVRI.

    From gait "Big City Blues" on this TVRI Jockie Suryoprajogo Godbless keyboardist interested in drumming Hendy. To project the performance of his Rock Opera, Jockie Hendy who want nge-drum.

    Jockie own direct telephone Hendy. "Hello ... this Jockie Hendy ... ...", copy Hendy. Haaah? Jockie Surjoprjogo the legend that? This is the second surprise for Hendy since in Jakarta after invited to join "Oom-Oom" in the "Big City Blues".

    And indeed in the Rock Opera Jockie Surjoprajogo performances in the title in the Plenary Hall JCC August 29, 2002 and Hendy was the 'occupied' positions his drummer.

    From Jockie Hendy lot to learn about the philosophy of music .... and of course back to rock-type music was fun after a few days left in high school ever since.

    Hendy as if the shock relay ..... got a call from management that invites Erwin Gutawa Orchestra in performances he made ​​play "Bali for the World" end of 2002.

    Erwin Gutawa? Orchestra?? Hendy's a conversion of imagination as he watched the performance, Erwin and orchestranya performances via television. "When ya can play with orchestra .... so ...", recalled Hendy.

    After further examination, apparently Erwin had watched his performances Jockie Rock Opera ... and also enamored with the game drum Hendy.

    then become Hendy drummer Erwin Gutawa Orchestra at the "Bali for the World "held at GWK Bali late 2002.

    Ngaak cuman it wrote, job Hendy continued in large concerts, and studio recordings from the musical production Gutawa Erwin, Erwin then often 'wear' Hendy as a drummer.

    Hendy in 2003 to join the "Egg Ceplok Band" which eventually changed its name to be "Omelette". Could make an album under the banner of POS Entertainment.

    Because of differences in principles and other considerations Hendy finally resigned from the Omelette.

    When the Omelette is more familiar with the personnel Hendy GIGI. In addition to the management DENTAL Omelette (POS entertainment), four songs on the debut album Omelette is the work of Thomas and Budjana songs (2 songs each).

    Budjana Hendy was also invited to the exercises with the formation of the trio: Budjana (guitar), Hendy (drums), Adit (bass).

    Sometime in 2004, Hendy telephoned and invited to training Budjana. Hendy think as always ..... latihat trio formation. Surprised when Hendy dikasihtahu if this exercise is to practice in preparation for the album GIGI Sound Track Brownies.

    And indeed Hendy GIGI chosen to replace Budhy Haryono. A fairly heavy load for Hendy. Differences with the time taken Suhendra Donny et al, invited Jockie also Erwin Gutawa the cuman as a session player. Because the addition is equal abis ngefans Hendy GIGI, he felt compelled to assume new responsibilities that do not play games. Because GIGI is an established band and replace Budhy which also includes senior ranks of the respected drummer in the world of music Indonesia. Hendy drummer while still feeling yesterday afternoon. As "GIGI" he felt a new moral responsibility to the fans DENTAL, public, and observers of the music.

    To the extent that before entering the recording studio to work on the album Original Sound Track Brownies Hendy felt the need for individual training first as a preparation. Thing he never did before when he will enter the studio as a session player.

    Thank God everything went smoothly. Hendy and now is "GIGI" the newest and youngest in the top three "GIGI" other.

    And Hendy so remember about 10 years ago when he was a student in Banjarmasin, while still keen-ama getolnya GIGI fans jamming. He once said to friends of his band: "I am so ntar a drummer GIGI". Hendy alone can not answer when asked what motivated him to lead and say like that. Believe it or not! (* Res)