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Espen Mangen


"Playing my first Sonor set took me "home". With the outstanding sound, German failsafe quality and versatility of these drums, it helps me facing my musical challenges. Happy to be a part of the "family"." 

- Espen Mangen -

Norwegian drummer from Fredrikstad, NORWAY.

Growing up in a musical family and with his brother playing keys, Espen started playing drums in church around the age of 12. From there he played in various choirs and groups the following years.

He moved to the capital Oslo after high school and has been working professionally as a drummer since 2002. Since 2005 he has been a part of several sought-after backing bands in the Norwegian TV & Event industry, and has played with a wide variety of national and international artists. Espen has also kept and expanded his interest for church music, and has spent quite some time exploring the American Gospel scene.


Youtube: Espen Mangen