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Gabriele Morcavallo


    Gabriele started playing drums at the age of 13 and went on to study with some of the greatest drummers in Italy, such as Michele Rabbia, Donato Santorsa, Ezio Zaccagnini, Beppe Basile, Antonio Golino and Alfredo Golino both privately and as pupil at leading Italian music schools like Università della Musica and CambioMusica.

    He has a long experience as a live musician, performing in clubs, theatres, arts centres, music venues and major festivals including Villa Celimontana Jazz&Image, Pistoia Blues, Festival Show and Roma incontra il Mondo.

    Morcavallo has recorded and played with many different artists, like: Mannarino, Geoff Westley, Carducci (co-winner of Sanremo 2008's Premio della Critica Mia Martini with Frank Head), Jacopo Troiani (Sanremo 2008, leading actor at RAI TV's Un medico in famiglia and other movies and TV shows), Alex Sammarini, Enzo Garramone ('O Napoli é Core, TV show broadcast on T9 TV as drummer and band director), Festival Show live TV broadcasts and radio, David Boriani, Bantha (Pistoia Blues festival 2008), Fleurs Du Mal, Saesciant, Arabeski Rock, Giulio Scarpato, Andrea Verlingieri, Duilio Ingrosso, Matteo Vagnarelli... He is also creator, co-presenter and drummer for Lebowski Blues Family, a programme which focuses on the history of Afro-American music broadcast on RadioKaosItaly (one of the most successful Italian web radios).

    In 2011 he opened Charleston Musica, his own music school in Rome, which is currently attended by over 50 drums students. Charleston Musica is regarded as one of the finest drum schools in the whole country by professional musicians and amateurs alike.

    Since 2015 he has been DIrector of Studies at the famous Trafalgar Studios in Rome, which is now an official Charleston Musica partner. At Trafalgar he organises clinics and masterclasses with the most renowned drummers from Italy and abroad. All of these events have been met with great critical and audience success and excerpts can be seen on CharlestonTV, a dedicated YouTube channel.

    2016 was a particularly busy year: it started with an invitation at the SGM Conference Center's Auditorium in Rome for the Roma Art Meeting 2016 shows, where as the sole musician on stage he performed solo and backed various TV personalities' performances.

    In March he performed as the opening act at Chris Coleman's Clinic Tour date in Rome, which was organised in cooperation with Charleston Musica. During the summer, along with Elio Rivagli, Giorgio Di Tullio and Massimiliano D'Urbano, he was one of the teachers at the most important drums summer camp in Italy. A clinic tour co-fronted with Massimilano D'Urbano and called "Attenti a quei due" is due to start later in 2017, with dates slated in major Italian cities like Milan, Bologna, Pescara, Rome and Naples. (in Italian language)