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Hans Eijkenaar

Independent / Recording Artist

Hans Eijkenaar is a well known and much sought after session drummer in the Netherlands with a successful career both in Holland and abroad. His list of tours and recorded albums is huge and he is considered to be a specialist studio drummer. He is well known for being a versatile, creative and explosive drummer with a personal style, best known for his pop and rock career, but with a history in jazz and fusion.

Hans is a Conservatory teacher (Codarts, Rotterdam) and has developed a powerful and transparent method for drummers of any style and of multiple levels. Hans has decided to go the extra mile in terms of recording a fully featured, HD audio and video clinic app with over 50 clips, presentation videos, instruction videos and play alongs. And he has recorded a separate chapter with drum solos. All filmed with 6 XD HD cams to capture for once and for all every angle you wanna see as a drummer. Everything recorded in one of the finest recording studios around, Soundvisionstudios, Arnhem, the Netherlands.   He unleashes all of his knowledge and has developed some very special views on studying drums, studying rudiments in a unique independence system, playing in all types of meter, improvising and playing fills in a creative, rather than a standard way. He also is known for having a distinguished brushes technique for pop and rock which he demonstrates in several clips in a separate brushes chapter.