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Iain Bayne


"When I joined Runrig, the very first professional drum kit I ever owned was a Sonor Signature bubinga kit which I played for years. I loved Sonor drums then - I love them even more now!" 

- Iain Bayne -

Iain Bayne began playing drums at the age of 8 years old. Almost immediately he began taking lessons and drumming with a junior Scottish Pipe Band Corps on the east coast of Scotland - with whom he went on to win many medals and competitions.

With a very strong technique, firmly grounded in rudiments studied while playing in the pipe band drumming corps, he quickly became highly in demand in the local folk and céilidh music scene in and around his home town of St. Andrews, Scotland.

Iain made his mind up very early on that he would make his living through music and by playing drums. As soon as he finished college he took a gig playing on many of the ferries that service the highlands and islands of Scotland.

At age just 21 he got the call to audition for Runrig, Scotland's most successful ever folk rock band. Since joining Runrig Iain has recorded many very successful albums [several of which have hit Gold and Platinum status] and toured all over the UK, Europe, and USA. Runrig remain the only band ever to take a song into the UK charts sung entirely in the Scottish Gaelic language.

Incredibly, the band Runrig is now entering its 40th year and the band's continued success shows no signs of slowing down.