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Jeffrey Jones


I was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and I have lived here all of my life. I am married and have two wonderful daughters and a son. I have studied with several phenomenal drum instructors and now I give drum lessons. I went to college at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah OK, and graduated with a BBA-Marketing and a minor in music performance. My Band's name is Primal Swing. Our web site address is Here is some more information about me:


Groovology: The Study of Double Bass Drum Grooves (book,2002)

Groovology: The Study of Basic Drum Set Grooves (book,2004)

Groovology: The Study of Jazz and Latin Grooves (book, 2007),

Workshop Drumming (DVD,2006)

Praise and Worship Drumming (DVD,2006)

Tripple-Slappa-Flappadiddle (solo,2004)

Torpedo (solo,2005)

Das Weisse Rauschen (solo,2005)

Spang Spang-a-Lang (solo,2005)

Monkey Business (solo,2005)

Lunatic Fringe (solo,2005)

Whipper Snapper (solo,2005)

Percussioni Magazine (article,September 2005)

Drums and Percussion Magazine (article, December 2005)

Bateria Total Magazine

Instagram: jeffjonesdrummer

Twitter: jeffdrummer