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Jodelle Boorady


Singer-songwriter pianist/multi-instrumentalist, Jodelle Boorady, was born and raised in New Jersey. Jodelle performs original indie pop rock in prestigious venues, festivals, radio and television all across North America and Europe including Spain and Germany. Armed with her custom candy apple red Hohner Bravo accordion, Hohner Jubilee melodica, SONOR glockenspiel, keyboards, percussion and versatile voice, Jodelle brings a richness and quirkiness to her fans. In addition to her solo career, Jodelle has recently become in demand as a backing musician for several American and International recording artists.

With several independent CD releases as well as credits on various music industry compilations and other artists’ full length CDs, Jodelle continues to inspire and be inspired. When Jodelle is not on tour or in recording sessions, she spends most of her time in her home recording studio or teaching voice at a well-respected studio in New Jersey.