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Joe Crabtree

Wishbone Ash

Joe Crabtree is passionate about the art and science of drumming. After taking up the instrument at age 11 it wasn't long before he knew that playing the drums was what he wanted to do for a living. Joe taught and gigged from the age of 15 and after graduating from from Durham university with a degree in Physics he moved to London to peruse a career as a professional musician.

Joe honed his progressive chops as a member of the David Cross (King Crimson) Band, and Pendragon, before joining classic rock legends Wishbone Ash in 2007.  2 Studio albums, 4 live albums and a DVD later, he's still touring the world with the twin guitar band.

While on the road Joe used his spare time to develop software for drummers: PolyNome for the iPhone is a favourite of Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine and many other great drummers, allowing them to program polyrhythms and stickings with ease.

OctopuSequencer and RhythMachine were written to inspire creative practice, generate interesting grooves, and figure out complex layered rhythms.

When he's not on the road Joe finds time to add to the many video drum lessons on his website while also writing a regular column for DrumHead Magazine.