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Junyong Quak


He is one of the most active drummers in the Korean industry. He graduated from Seoul Institute of Art, the most influential institution in the industry, and served in the Korean NAVY Entertainment team. The NAVY Entertainment band is the top navy band where only the best musicians and artists will be accepted through recruitment which is limited to one person per year.

It would not be an exaggeration to say he has worked with all of the most popular musicians in Korea. He has done studio recordings, tours, concerts, etc.

Besides Korea, he has performed in places such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and various other Asian countries. He has performed in Budokan, Japan, which is a symbolic dream venue to all of the Asian musicians. He also does Arena tours and Zepp Tours annually.

He is also active as the houseband drummer for a TV show called "Immortal Songs 2" aired on Korean major broadcast station, KBS. This program allows the artists to rearrange songs once popular in the past. It is a popular television show with a consistent 10% or more overall audience viewing rate. The program is broadcasted globally through KBS World channel to numerous countries of Asia as well as hundreds of other countries.

YouTube Channel: JunyongKwak

Facebook: Quak.junyong

Instagram: junyong.Quak