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Luthea Salom


Luthea Salom is a Spanish indie folk singer-songwriter currently based in New York City. She has released three albums and has been invited to perform on many Spanish National TV shows and radio broadcasts.

Her latest album "Kick In The Head" contains playful, quirky and intimate songs. Luthea is June 2011 winner for Crank Your Cred (ISC) with her acclaimed song "Blank Piece Of Paper"

Luthea Salom was born in Barcelona, Spain. Her parents emigrated to Fredericton, Canada, when Luthea was a baby. They lived there for several years before returning to their home town in Spain where they opened an art gallery. Luthea started performing and writing music at the age of 13 and she soon appeared in several festivals around Spain. As a teenager she moved to London where she joined several local bands as a guitar player and backing vocalist. In 1999 she recorded a demo with her original songs and was soon spotted by the Ex- Apple Records (Spain) AR, Frank Andrada, who signed her to his independent label.

Luthea plays our NG 30 glockenspiel.