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Mick Brown


Ted Nugent

"Wild" Mick is a thirty-year, co-founding member of Dokken, a band whose legend loomed large in the decadent decade simply known as"The Eighties". Mick has been keeping the beat for the Motor City Madman since the summer of 2005 during the Unleash the Beast tour.

Recently the wildman picked up the drumming duties for '70s era supergroup, Montrose. So musically speaking, Mick's plate is full and he couldn't be in any better company. 

If you’ve seen "Wild" Mick live or listened to his music, you’ll be quick to notice that not only is he a gifted, rockin’ drummer, he also really enjoys what he does. Mick will continue to tour and rock out with Ted on his tour, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead.