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Pit Lee

Da Cruz

Born and still based in Switzerland was his first instrument the trumpet, but changed to the drums at the age of 12. Soon afterwards he had his first shows with a brass band, playing polka and waltztunes.

He took drumlessons for 4 years before playing in all kinds of bands, recording songs and touring mostly Europe. At that time he was interested in the heavier variations of rock music. For example in the innovative electro-industrial group ''Swamp Terrorists'' he experimented with a setup, combining classic drumparts with electronic-pads and selfconstructed instruments made out of metalpieces and trigger microphones. With this group they released several albums worldwide, had television appereances (MTV, Japanese TV,etc.) and played at festivals and clubs in Europe, Japan and Brazil. 

After this phase he played with a variety of ''gentler'' groups, like ''Mich Gerber'', ''Ray Wilko'', ''Electric Blanket'' and for stage plays as well (directors Meret Matter, Matto Kämpf, etc.). Some of the music was used for movies like ''Snow white'' or ''Das Geheimnis von Murk''. 

The mainproject since 2008 is ''Da Cruz'' which added new aspects in his playing. The music is a mix between Brazilian, African and modern electronic dance music. Therefore a big variety of playing styles is requested. They play at major festivals like Coma Festival Brasilia, Jazzfest Wien, Womex, Frauenfeld Open Air, Montreux and Montreal Jazzfestival, Paléo Festival and many more.

Another highlight in his career are the recordings at the legendary studio ''Rancho de la luna'' in Joshua Tree/USA, where he worked with Dave Catching (Eagles of death metal, Queens of the stone age, etc.) for a rock album.

Since 2016 he also often plays at theater festivals with South African performer Ntando Cele and Swiss writer Raphael Urweider, whose play became a big success for example in Brazil (TEMPO Festival -Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, etc.)

The basic elements of Pit Lee's different setups are Sonor ''SQ2 maple vintage'' drums.

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