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Rick Leith

One Slack Mind

“For me, the drums aren’t just an instrument; they’re a language that talks to the soul of everyone who takes the time to listen to me play. Nothing commands respect and attention like percussion.”
- Rick Leith -

Although the violin was Rick’s first instrument, after two years he decided that it just wasn’t loud enough. He took up drums at the age of thirteen, and hasn’t even tapped on the brakes since. While recording at Cue Studios in Falls Church, VA in 2002, percussion legend Dennis Chambers had the opportunity to hear some of Rick’s drum tracks being mixed down for Breakingform's album "Number Two". He described Rick’s playing as “Solid. Good and Tight.”

In and out of different bands from age fifteen to 23, his first steady gig came in 1993 when he joined the Northern Virginia heavy alternative band “NO SaNER”. Upon the release of their first full-length release “Ire”, the band signed with DSI Records and became one of the first bands to be sponsored by Jagermeister. After touring up and down the East Coast in support of three more albums, playing with such world renowned national acts as Death, Testament, OverKill, Anthrax, Pro-Pain, Morbid Angel, Stuck Mojo, and Grip, Inc., NO SaNER disbanded in 1998.

The next move for Rick was the hard rock band “BREAKINGFORM”, straight outta of Northern Virginia. It was this project that allowed him to hone his vocal and songwriting skills. Before ending his eight year tenure with “BREAKINGFORM” in Fall of 2006, they were also sponsored by Jagermeister, had released three albums, and shared the stage with such rock legends as KISS, Def Leppard, .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, Blue Oyster Cult, Dokken, Poison, Vince Neil, Skid Row, and W.A.S.P..
In early 2007, Rick was given the opportunity to join his third Jagermeister Band “ONE SLACK MIND”, a beyond heavy alternative band hailing from our nation’s Capital. Established in 1999, they are a thick, detuned, body shot to the solar plexus, doubling you over from the impact of their memorable riffs and original hooks. ONE SLACK MIND is steadily touring the mid-Atlantic region in support of their latest full length release “Both Sides Against the Middle”, a dynamic, thought-provoking journey that will thrill heavy rock fans while highlighting previously unseen levels of melody and musicianship. Showcasing a volatile blend of hard rock catchiness, stoner rock unpredictability, and gritty, metallic power, their eclectic influences have melded into a sound that crosses genre lines without losing sight of their roots. The result is an arsenal of immediate hooks and irresistible grooves so sorely lacking in an ever-stagnant, paint-by-numbers rock scene. They are ever-expanding their fan base, pedaling their wares, and exposing the glassy-eyed masses to their unique brand of heavy music. Supporting such amazing acts as Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Superjoint Ritual, Black Light Burns, Sex Slaves, Murderdolls, Pentagram, Napalm Death, EyeHateGod, God Forbid, Alabama Thunderpussy, Dog Fashion Disco, One Minute Silence, Suicide City, Mushroomhead, and Living Colour, you must see and hear ONE SLACK MIND…. to believe.


*NO SaNER: "Ire" 1993

*NO SaNER: "Whiff" 1994

*NO SaNER: "The Dirty Tracks" 1995

*NO SaNER: "NO SaNER" 1997

*BREAKINGFORM: "Holding up the Gravity" 1999

*BREAKINGFORM: "Number Two" 2002

*BREAKINGFORM: "Seven Shots" 2005

*ONE SLACK MIND: "Scalene" 2007

*ONE SLACK MIND: "The Earliest I've Ever Been Late" 2008

*ONE SLACK MIND: "Both Sides Against The Middle" 2017


*NO SaNER: Breed, featured on Local Music Store Sampler "For Play" 1994

*NO SaNER: Polish, featured on "Oasis Duplication Rock Sampler No. 3" 1997

*NO SaNER: Past This Day, featured on Jagermeister Compilation "Let It Pour" 1997

*BREAKINGFORM: Steppin' Off the Train, featured on "Oasis Alternative Duplication Sampler No. 10" 2000

*BREAKINGFORM: Let Me In, featured on Jagermeister Compilation "JagerMusic 2003"

*BREAKINGFORM: Soccer Mom, featured on Jagermeister Compilation "JagerMusic 2006"

*ONE SLACK MIND: Goat, Pluck, & Glass 1/2 Full, featured on Guerilla Records Compilation "Pain and Sorrow" 2009