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Rodrigo Abelha



Rodrigo Abelha has been playing drums for more than 18 years. He was born in 82 in São Paulo and started to study drum at the age of 11. He studied drums at the U.L.M (University of Free Music) and percussion at E.M.M (Municipal School of Music) both in SP. As a drummer he has been playing many styles of music, from jazz to rock and metal.

In 2005 he won the 1st place with his group "Zambé (Brazilian-jazz) of the 1st MPB festival from U.L.M. He played a few internationals jazz festival such as Punta del Este-Uruguay 2006, Santiago- Chile 2008.

In 2009 he stayed in London-UK playing with Iris Lacava (Brazilian singer) and Busking with Luca Orsini (Italian Bass player). In London he also studied music production at Point Blank. Nowadays he plays with "RockStock" (Rock Covers) and "Suíte12Boulevard" (Instrumental-Live Electronics). He has performed with: O Surto, Andrea Marquee, Pat Escobar, Iris Lacava (London), Fabio Leandro, Rogério Botter Maio, Edu Marron, Big Band ULM, Gabriéla Gonzales, Marcus Almeida Trio, Grupo Zambé, Banda Kashmir, 1A+, Hidrogênio Experimental, Dapulli, Cale Narman.


Facebook: Rodrigo Abelha Drums