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Ryan Jenkinson

Reverend & the makers

"Ever since my first SONOR drum kit at age 14 I have played nothing else. The build quality of my drums mean that they are the most expressive and beautiful sounding drums in the world. Whenever you hear my playing on the stage or in the studio, I'm playing SONOR drums!"

- Ryan Jenkinson - 


Ryan Jenkinson started to make a name for himself whilst playing with school friends in the Post Rock band"thisGIRL". After travelling the world in support of 2 critically acclaimed albums his playing had become a key feature in the band and this was noted with features in Drummer and Rhythm magazine. His talent was spotted early by SONOR drums and he joined the company as an endorser in 1999 at age 17.

Since playing with thisGIRL, Ryan has gone on to tour extensively with The New 1920, Skeletons and the Empty Pockets and more recently Reverend and the Makers. He has played major festivals around the world and arena tours in support of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Noel Gallagher, Deftones, Limp Bizkit and many many more. At present he is a member of Sheffield band Reverend & the Makers. They have just released their 3rd album"@Reverend_Makers" which gave them their 3rd top 20 chart hit in a row. 2012 has been a very hectic year with a hugely successful festival season as well a busy touring schedule in support of the album.