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Sergio Pescara

X-Press Trio

He approached music at the young age of 8, absorbing the passion of his father Benny Pescara for percussion instruments and trumpet. At 13 he embarks on the systematic study of the drums, jazz style, at the 'Capolinea' of Milano (Italy), with the well known teacher Enrico Lucchini, a musician widely respected for the profusion in favor of the study methods and the curriculum of the instrument. During the progression of his musical growth at the G.Verdi Conservatory in Milan, Sergio’s passion for 1970's jazz rock, brings him to the decision of terminating his classical studies of percussions and to concentrate solely on the drums. 

Inspired by artists like Billy Cobham, John Bonham, Ian Paice and Buddy Rich and bands like Weather Report, Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck, Area and many more, he reaches 18 with his first professional experiences that see him cooperate on tours, videos and studio work (in Italy and abroad) alongside artists with the likes of Alberto Camerini (1979 /80 /82 /83), Goran Kuzminac (1980), orchestra TV Tele R City (1981 /83), Amanda Lear (1982 south + central America and East Europe tour), Ricky Gianco & G. Manfredi (1984 theatrical tour), Gruppo Italiano (1984), Fabio Treves (1985), Righeira (1986), Roberto Vecchioni (1987 /88 /89), Eugenio Finardi (1989 / 90 /91).

These widely differentiated professional experiences gathered without distinction thanks to a vivid musical passion, allowing him to enrich a baggage of technical knowledge of great respect.

The period that falls between 1993 and 1996 is probably the most intense and for certain aspects the most crucial for the evolvement of Sergio's drumming, most of all under the factor of creative research on the instrument.

Sergio stimulates and forges his artistic growth by taking a break from the commercial scene, typical of the Italian market, for a study period that allowed him to obtain a personal style, more towards his natural talent and closer to Rock, that definitively captured him in the later years. 

In the midst of the 90's, coherent to the choices made, he plans and creates, cooperating with musicians Maurizio Gianni and Pino Scagliarini, a musical product that gathers his professional transformation and his playing.

The result of his work is collected in the album 'Antinomia' (Sine Causa – 1999). With the revision of the first album and the development of new ideas, Sergio established himself in the musical world as a focal point artist in Rock (voted as best Rock Drummer 2004 on drumsportal).

A sign of power and strength of his style is the insertion of the double bass drum with patterns that mostly differentiates him and results in a style characterized by ''...dynamic balance of energy, power and technical style.''

The personal research has nonetheless, NOT stopped his artistic curiosity of always, curiosity that brought him to cooperate, among others, with X Factor tour 2009 Kiko Loureiro, Gianluca Grignani, P.F.M, Noize Machine, Exilia, Orchestra TV  ‘Matricole e Meteore’, La Drummeria, Ricky Portera and Dolce Nera.

In the development of Sergio’s career, he certainly didn’t leave aside the 'didactical' aspect that has qualified him with a focal cooperation with the CPM music school (Centro Professione Musica) of Milan (Italy), from 1985 to 2002.

Currently, he teaches at the S.I.B (Cusano Milanino, Italy) and at the Centro Vercelli Musica E.Lucchini, and Percussion Village (milano). In July 2009 Videoradio/RaiTrade  published his first project  ''GROOVYDO'' in collaboration with Gianni Cicogna (bass).

Sergio has recently setup a new partnership with X-Press Trio: Gianni Serino (bass) and Adriano Mondini (oboe).

Check out Sergio Pescara´s Facebook page here.