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Alarm For War

Hard, funky, loud, fast seems to be the rule among the young today and it is the uniqueness of Smitty's style that just happens to be the key that fits this lock. Born in South Dakota (of all places) his musical influences range from Metal Church, Jane's addiction, TNT to The Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five.

At a young age Smitty always had a huge desire to play the drums and after working at a local gas station for a year he saved his money to purchase a drum kit: A dream realized. The rest is history! 

Touring with bands from Louisiana to Colorado, from Florida to Minnesota and from Virginia to North and South Dakota Smitty has pretty much rocked this nation. Totaling 37 states.

Having recorded with members from "Prince" studio player Charles Hayes, bass guitar, "Balance of Power" Lance King  Shrapnel Records Todd Duane, Producer  Brian Bart, American Head charge, Night Ranger-Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis, Molly Hatchet, Bad Finger etc…Grammy Award winner J.R. McNeely, Grammy Award winner Brad Blackwood, Grammy Award winner Val Garay etc….

Years of professional playing - 25 years