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Sola Johnsen

Dumdum Boys


Knutsen & Ludvigsen

Helter Skelter 




Bulle Bang

Det Gurgles

"I am an old AC/DC fan and love the drums Phil Rudd plays. Now I got quite about the same size and color and it sounds wonderful. The hardware is solid and the drums are good handcraftmanship. Thanks!"

- Sola Johnsen -

DumDum Boys are Norway's most succesful home-based act of all time. They started as punk-group Wannskraekk in 1979 - who they time and again are putting back together and release records and tour as. DumDum Boys debuted with "Splitter Pine" in 1989. They collected three Norwegian Grammy's (Spellemannprisen) for Best Rock Album for their three first outings (89-90-91) and have since collected two more for Best Lyrics and Best Act, and finally the most honorable award, The Honorary Award in 2008.

They have been certificated with 10 gold and 6 platinum albums. DumDum Boys are of course inducted to the Norwegian Hall of Fame at Rockheim in Trondheim, Norway.

Touring is less extensive nowadays, but every other year DumDum Boys go on to tour around two dozens festivals, headlining most one of them, choosing their spots. They have played for a lot of people abroad in earlier days with gigs in Moscow in Russia, at the Roskilde Festival and a tour in Denmark and at the Hultsfred festival in Sweden. But, they are for the main sake, a home-based act. Music style is rock, bursting with energy and power - and some clever finesse, more by the years. Every Norwegian knows DumDum Boys as they are frequently played by all major radio-stations. Sola Johnsen also performs with a lot of other bands, both live, in studio and on radio, in a lot of different music styles, covering hard core, bluegrass,singer/songwriter, through classic 60s up todays' pop, rock and dance in humouristic arrangements, art rock, and so on, making him an unvalueable asset to the Norwegian Music Scene.