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Stephan Emig

Hamid Baroudi



"I love variety in music and SONOR's huge selection of great sounding drums and percussion instruments gives me the freedom to fully express my musical ideas and be creative as a drummer as well as a percussionist. Their cajon, bongos, chimes and shakers are always part of my setup." 

- Stephan Emig -

Stephan Emig (born 1976), professional drummer from Hannover, Germany, combines the conventional drumset approach with the sound possibilities of a percussionist to a unique creative musical style.

May it be on big arena stages with "The Voice of Germany on Tour", in renowned jazzclubs around the world with his group triosence, at world music festivals with Hamid Baroudi or with german singer-songwriter Gregor Meyle, Stephan always transfers his love for music to the audience through his creativity and his delight for playing.

He studied at Los Angeles College of Music and played with triosence, The Voice of Germany on Tour, Gregor Meyle, Hamid Baroudi, Patches Stewart, Marquess, Jazzkantine, David Garrett, a.o. The german magazine "drums & percussion" called him the insider tip amongst drummers. He is a demanded clinician at music- and drumcamps and teaches at Popakademie Mannheim, Osnabrück University and Music College Hannover. He has been a SONOR endorser since 1998 and is also endorsed by Zildjian, Remo, Drumsigns, Rohema, Ahead Armor Cases, Sennheiser, Roland and Ableton Live.