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Steve Alexander


Most recently Steve has been touring with Maggie Reilly and Mari Wilson, both in Europe and the UK.

He has given many drum clinics and performed at various percussion festivals all over the world including South America, Europe and the Far East and is a regular contributor to the 'Professional Programme' for the MODERN MUSIC SCHOOL.

After having to take a little time off from playing drums a few years ago, he has gotten more and more busy as a composer and producer writing extensively for TV, with clients including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, The FA, Motorola, World Rally Championship, The RFL Carnegie Cup, Setanta Sports and others.

Whilst writing the'Swarm Intelligence' EP, it came to the notice of vocalist Renn, which led to the formation of Flashman.

"I am really enjoying drumming more than ever and am looking forward to some new adventures in the world they call 'music'. A small triumph of optimism over experience you might say".