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Tom Arne Fossheim

Ken Hensley & Live Fire 

Anita Hegerland 



"I have played on lots of different drums and brands through the years and every time I thought I had found the perfect drums. That was before I got my first Sonor SQ2 kit with Vintage Beech shells. It is the best sounding drums I've ever heard. It has a warm tone with massive punch and the look is amazing. I'm extremely proud of being a part of the Sonor family"

- Tom Arne Fossheim -

Tom is from just outside Gjovik, Norway. He started to play drums in a marching band when he was 9.After spending his teens drumming in different teenage gospel choirs, a modern jazz band and a couple of years in high school studying music, he joined his first cover band at 18 and started to do gigs. Over the last 20 years he have done a huge amount of gigs and played in almost every corner of Norway.

In 2007 he joined Uriah Heep legend Ken Hensley & Live Fire and have recorded three albums and travelled around Europe and Russia several times.They will also record a new album in 2016.

Tom is also playing with Norwegian singer Anita Hegerland (Mike Oldfield) and recorded two albums with her since 2010.

In 2013 while recording with Ken Hensley, the Live Fire part of the band formed a new band they would call Wonderworld and released their self titled debut album in 2014 and will release the follow up, "Wonderworld II" in February 2016.

Beside playing with Ken Hensley, Anita Hegerland and WonderWorld he always have new projects going on. He also do studio work and live gigs as freelance.