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Rhythm is at the sOurce of all musical experience

As is the art of bringing sound to life.  Rhythm is part of our daily life. It is the pulse that drives us, the steady beat that provides vitality and motion. Percussion instruments are basic elements of our music culture. Discover our history:


Johannes Link opened a work shop in Weißenfels on the river Saale manufacturing drumheads and simple military drums.


Drum factory of Johannes Link in Weißenfels.


The SONOR trademark is registered with the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin.


Johannes Link's son, Otto Link, assumes management of the firm after Johannes’ passing.
Company expands with the addition of a sawmill and establishes a wholesale branch in Markneukirchen.


SONORs 50th Anniversary

By 1925 SONOR had 145 employees and was one of the largest businesses of its kind.


Maybe this was a bit before its time....


After WW II - a new beginning in the former western part of Germany. Already in 1946 a new company was established by the son of the founder, Otto Link, and his son Horst.

The former barracks building in Aue, Westfalia converted for use as a tannery.


There's a new kit in town.


A new Logo.


The 100-page catalogue published in 1956 already contained a complete range of drums.

Great jazz stars of that time like Kenny Clarke, Connie Kay and Lionel Hampton played SONOR. 


Orff Instruments at the World Expo in Brussels


The first trademark with the two mallets designed by the well-known german graphic designer and typographer Otl Aicher


A steady expansion in floor space to service the needs of SONORs growing global market.


100th anniversary of the company with many famous drummers and a redesigned logo.


The Classic "Link Era"  Phonic Series


Signature Series

It is the ultimate for the perfectionest in every way: in sound, in design and in quality.


The Jet Set with 24k gold plated hardware, being the most expensive drums for its time, created international buzz.


SONOR registered as a word and figurative mark.

Taking drum manufacturing to the next level: the era of customization is kicked off: The Designer Series.


SONOR introduced the Delite Series which set the stage for its successor.


The launch of SQ drums. One kit at a time built, no one like the other.


A new generation of innovation. The Perfect Balance Pedal by JoJo Mayer.


Celebrating our 140th anniversary and birth year of the vintage series, re-introducing the analogue sound into a digital world.


Sonor introduces the SQ1 series, a new dimension in sound. Birch shells in combination with new innovative Sound Sustainer technology form the basis of a drum series with extraordinary sound characteristics.


AQ2 and AQ1 series are being introduced, marking the new entry into the world of SONOR drums.


Throughout all the decades of SONOR history there remains one underlying theme: an uncompromising commitment to quality and dedicated craftsmanship.

In 1875 Johannes Link, a trained wood turner and tanner, started a small workshop for simple military drums and drum heads in Weißenfels an der Saale in East Germany. From these modest beginnings developed a flourishing business, which at the turn of the century already offered a comprehensive range of percussion instruments. In 1907 the SONOR trademark was registered with the Imperial Patent Office. Around 1925 SONOR had 145 employees and was one of the largest businesses of its kind. 
After the end of World War II the East German Government expropriated the Link Family and SONOR became a state owned enterprise. But already in 1946 a new company was established by the son of the founder, Otto Link, and his son Horst. This time the location was Aue in Westphalia/West Germany. Today SONOR has evolved into a modern enterprise with its focus on the international markets. Though latest technology has found its entry into SONOR production methods, the secret of the SONOR sound remains.

It lies in the meticulous attention to even the smallest detail and the commitment of its founder to always maintain the highest possible level of quality.