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It´s times like these that show once again that we as drummers are a unique group of people, with a hunger to share knowledge and skills with others and supporting each other. That’s why we want to give a platform to drummers all over the world with the initiative #BeatOfLove.

You can participate by sharing your pictures and videos under the hashtag on instagram. Show your skills, give a shoutout to your favorite artist, be creative. Whatever you want to do to show your support. In addition we will share artist content on our Facebook channel (@sonordrums) as well as Instagram (@sonordrumco) and YouTube (@sonordrumtube) and we are looking forward to offer exclusive live streamed content on our channels with some of our global artists.

Check out our weekly schedule and our artist content below and make the most of your time at home.

Let’s spread the #BeatOfLove and support each other.




May 26th Chris Coleman, SQ² Spotlight
May 26th Mike Dolbear Meets SONOR's Thomas Barth, LIVE STREAM SESSION
May 27th Glenn Kotche, LIVE STREAM SESSION

Face masks might be necessary in some place around the world at the moment to keep each other safe. That does not mean you can’t have fun with them. SONOR therefore launches the "Face Mask Music" competition, where it's up to you to combine your musical creativity with a face mask. Show the world how you make music with a mask on.


SQ² Spotlight :: Chris Coleman

Tuesday May 26

This episode of our SQ² Spotlight feature may be awarded with an Oscar - Chris Coleman (Prince, Beck, NKOTB, Chaka Khan) is giving us a tour of the SQ² configurator, putting together his kit! This video calls for a digital viewing party so sit back and relax :)

This content is available for you on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

Time: 18:00 CET / 6PM

LIVE STREAM SESSION :: Mike Dolbear meets SONOR's Thomas Barth

Tuesday May 26

Time for a special!! This live stream is arranged by Mike Dolbear, co-streamed on our own Instagram account. Mike is the owner of, a website committed to everything around drumming - he also hosted drum shows / festivals internationally and is a successful educator. For his latest episode, Mike will be joined by SONOR's own Thomas Barth, international Artist Relations Manager. This should be a fun one, don't miss out!

This content is available for you on Instagram

Time: 19:00 CET / 7PM


Wednesday May 27

In this week's live stream session we've got Wilco's Glenn Kotche taking over our account. Glenn is giving us an exclusive Drum Room Tour of the band's own facility located in Chicago, IL.

This content is available for you on Instagram.

Time: 19:00 CET / 7PM

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