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Gianni Caltran


Gianni Caltran approached drums since the age of 12. He first attended drums course at "Libera scuola di musica" in Vicenza and when 14, Franco Campioni's percussion instruments classes at "Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan. In the same time Gianni began to follow Tullio De Piscopo and Franco Rossi's drum school. Later on he took lessons from master Billy Cobham and started his live activity. In the years ahead he met Master Claudio Mastracci and began a new didactic course.


Since 1986 Gianni manages his own school, named "DRUM SCHOOL", where ordinary lessons have been enriched by recurring resonance seminar conferences together with most important names of the international musical scene; not only Billy Cobham but also Tommy Campbell, Peter Erskine, Jojo Mayer, Don Moye, Walter Calloni and Franco Rossi. In 1990, Gianni began a long lasting cooperation with the specialized magazine "Drum Club", pubblishing his lessons and transcriptions of the interviewed drum masters.


In 1987 Gianni became Sonor endorser and he took part as Sonor demonstrator to several Italian fairs, the last one in 2010 in Bologna. In 2010 Gianni became a Sabian endorser, too.


In 1990 Gianni founded his jazz-fusion band, in the following years he hosted Billy Cobham in many gigs.

In June 1991, the band took part to Umbria Jazz, leaded the music event in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and played the "concert for three drums" in Vicenza with Tullio De Piscopo. These three drums concerts were presented as "the night of the drums", their success drove to additional editions in new backgrounds and towns, with different formations in the years.

The most importants were: The first with Gianni Caltran, Walter Calloni Christian Meyer; the second with Gianni Caltran, Walter Calloni and Sergio Pescara (Thanks to Meazzi company, this musicians performed together, in representation of the brand Sonor on the stage of the Rimini musical instruments fair - DISMA MUSIC SHOW 1998); and the third (August 2010) with Tony Esposito, Gianni Caltran and Sergio Pescara.

In 2016 he founded a new quartet with Riccardo Bertuzzi (guitar), Gianluca Carollo (trumpet) and Pasquale Cosco (double bass). He reintroduces revisited pieces of Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Bill Frisell...


Gianni got involved in two substantially different working areas, on one side jazz gigs thanks to his studies and experiences; on the other a brilliant career in Pop Music. From 1989 to 1990 he played live concerts in the Italian tour of the popular band named "Righeira", in 1991 he was hired by Umberto Smaila's band. He played in the TV show "93" on Telemontecarlo in 1992 and in the talk show "Turno di notte" (broadcasted in 15 episodes) in 1993.

In the same year Gianni founded a new Pop Music group with the singer Vittorio Matteucci; the band performed for a long time for Umberto Smaila and with the same band began of a long lasting adventure in the Fininvest TV network. First a very popular Sunday afternoon show called "Buona domenica" hosted by Gerry Scotti and Gabriella Carlucci on canale 5. In 1993-94 and 1994-95 editions, they broadcasted 63 live performances, here he played with many world famous figures of the international music scene, first among many James Brown.

In 1994 he played for Daniela Rosati's TV show on Rete 4 and in 1995 on "Super Classifica show" hosted by Gerry Scotti.

In 1995 and 1996 he played with his band in "La sai l'ultima" a comic show hosted by Gerry Scotti and Paola Barale. He also played with many Italian artists in the humanitarian show "30 Ore per la vita".

1996 and 1997 he played radio too: live from disco "Il capriccio" in Bergamo on RTL 102.5 (every Friday night), but also on the Swiss TV Network with Gerry Scotti.

In 1997-98 he played in the 50 episodes TV show "Ciao Mara" hosted by Mara Venier every morning on Canale 5.

In 2002 and 2004 he played in two theatrical projects. The first one was dedicated to The Beatles, playing lyrics arranged for rock band, chorus and symphony orchestra and the second play dedicated to Pink Floyd.

From 2005 his intense live activity has increased with his band Movida; he played for Dolcenera, Tullio De Piscopo, M° Demo Morselli, Tony Esposito, Fiordaliso, Franco Simone, Alan Sorrenti, Ivana Spagna, Neffa, Le Yavanna (X Factor ), Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield) and many others.

In 2010 he recoded "Ho imparato una canzone" for television: a music show broadcasted on Canale Italia and hosted by Povia.

In 2011, on Canale Italia, he increased his activity with new tv production like: "Smaila's Show"; "Ma che musica maestro" and "Ho imparato una canzone 2".

In 2013 he started playing with Fausto Leali.

Since 2015 he plays in the theatral show of Dario Ballantini dedicated to Lucio Dalla "Da Balla a Dalla" as musician and musical director.

In 2015 and 2016 he played with Tony Remy (Simply Red, Annie Lennox) and Tony Momrelle (Incognito, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind and Fire, Whitney Houston).

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 he plays with Sarah Jane Morris.

During his career, Gianni accompanied many Italian and international artists in live events, studio registrations and tv shows. He performed with: JamesBrown, Zucchero, Maurizio Vandelli, Demo Morselli, Ivan Cattaneo, Righeira, Rettore, Corrado Rustici, Loredana Bertè, Dodi Battaglia, Dee D. Jackson, Rita Pavone, Gino Paoli, Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield), Fio Zanotti, Marco Masini, Dolcenera, Gianluca Mosole, Den Harrow, Alan Sorrenti, Roby Facchinetti, Walter Calloni, Franco Rossi, Billy Cobham, Tullio De Piscopo, Christian Meyer, Spagna, Riccardo Fogli, Povia, Franco Simone, Los Locos, Franco Califano, Lucio Fabbri, Le Yavanna (X factor) Jerry Calà, Umberto Smaila, Bobby Solo, Linda Wasley, Angie Brown, Riccardo Cocciante, Bruno Lauzi,Rita Forte, Fausto Leali, Nek, Neffa, Fiordaliso, Tony Esposito, Irene Grandi, Pino Daniele, Randy Crawford...


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