USA Klassik

Glenn Kotche

The percussionist and composer is one of the most exciting, creative and promising composers and performers in modern music. His eclectic works focus on the creative use of rhythm and space. Thus his works navigate the territory between the academic and the primal, the consonant and the disonant. Glenn's various stints with groups and ensembles have resulted in participation in over 90 albums to date. It includes three recorded solo works. The most recent of which, Mobile (Nonesuch Records, 2006) came out to critical acclaim from the Guardian & the New York Times.

Kotche has received international attention for his "unfailing taste, technique and discipline" (Chicago Tribune). Further he got the commission to write pieces for Kronos Quartet, Bang on a Can All-Stars and So Percussion. In addition to collaborating with renowned contemporary music sextet Eighth Blackbird, Kotche's compositions have been performed at venues as wide-ranging as Highland Park's Ravinia, Carnegie's Zankel Hall in New York and Teatro Castro Alves in Salvador, Brasil. Later in 2006 Kotche got an invitation as a featured performer at the Modern Drummer Festival. Furthermore he was the headlining performer at the inaugural concert for New York’s Wordless Music. The same holds true for an artist-in-residence at SoundRes in Lecce, Italy.

In addition to his work as a composer and solo percussionist, Kotche is member of the American rock band Wilco. He has played with them since 2001. After Kotche joined the group, the first album Wilco recorded, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was met with critical and mass acclaim with Rolling Stone magazine. The journalists called it the 3rd best album of the decade. Follow-up albums include the Grammy-winning A Ghost is Born, Sky Blue Sky, and Wilco's 2011 release, the Grammy-nominated Wilco (The Album).

As one of the world’s best live bands, Wilco has performed at virtually every major jazz, rock, and folk festival in North America, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The band has also headlined shows everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Tanglewood to Millennium Park to Massey Hall. Further Wilco became festival curators successfully launching the inaugural Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, MA.

Beyond Wilco, Kotche records and performs regularly with the jazz experimental duo On Fillmore. Their latest recording, Extended Vacation (Dead Oceans / BounDee, 2009) came out to critical acclaim. New York Times calls it “a peculiar update of early-1960s exotica, with a heart of darkness in a place of setting sun.” Their previous release, Sleeps with Fishes (Drag City, 2003 and Columbia Music Entertainment, 2007), landed them at the prestigious 2005 Percussion Pan Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.