ProLite Vintage Series Kompressor Snare Drum Series 400/4000-Series Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer Funk Blues Country R&B Pop Folk Jazz Rock SQ2 Drum System USA

Kevin Hernandez

"Sonor drums are made with an uncompromising commitment to quality craftsmanship and detail. The rich history of the brand is unmatched in the drum industry. There is an undeniable difference in the sound and feel of a Sonor drum and they just never ever disappoint.
Others make drums that make sound, but Sonor drums make music."

I consider myself to be fortunate to have grown up in the rich musical heritage of Southern Louisiana. I realized a love for music at an early age. My father was a musician and in one way or another music and musicians surrounded me throughout my upbringing. I was immersed in jazz likely because of the home I was raised in, but I would not say I'm a jazz musician. Truthfully most of it was over my head and being a product of the 80's and 90's very much influenced the musician I became. I love the song. I'm drawn to the emotion of whatever I'm involved in and for better or worse I love playing the drums. Much like a good gumbo is a mix of ingredients that work well together my style is a mixture of all of the musical experiences I have been a part of over the years. I've spent time studying under New Orleans legend Johnny Vidacovich, Southern University's Herman Jackson, Todd Sucherman, Dave Elitch, and Daniel Glass. Over the past 25 years of my professional career, I've shared the stage with some big-name artist and toured extensively across Texas and as far as Los Angelos. I've played to 150,000 people and to empty clubs with the same level of enthusiasm. My love for the song has carried my drumming into the studio and I've played on dozens of records with some producers considering me their first call. I have enjoyed a teaching career and been fortunate enough to begin endorsement relationships with Sabian cymbals, Innovative Percussion drumsticks, Aquarian drumheads, and Sonor drums. These relationships have afforded me the opportunity to conduct drum clinics. My heart for people and love for drumming came together in perfect ratio when working at large congregation churches throughout central Texas. Playing drums has been my passion my entire life and I've been fortunate to use my gifts to bring joy to and inspire others and most importantly bring glory to my savior Jesus Christ who without nothing would be possible.

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