Israel Pop Rock

Tomer Z

Tomer is a very well known drummer in Israel, born in 1981. The brother of the drummer Nir Z. (drummer in US), due to this fact, drums were around him since he was a child.
His music career started at the age of 11, getting his first drumkit from his brother Nir.
At the age of 14 Tomer was already playing drums for a children's TV show in Israel for two seasons.
His brother who was already a very successful drummer in Israel, back then gave him drums lessons, and when left Israel to New York Tomer started to take lessons with Mishel Amar. After 1 year Amar called the best drum teacher in Israel Mr. David Rich and asked him to see Tomer.
David took Tomer as his student for 3.5 years.
At the age of 19 Tomer started his way as a professional drummer in Israel playing with the great singer Riki Gal, since then he is well known as a versatile and perfectionist drummer.
Tomer played live shows and in the studio almost with every artist in Israel like:
Aviv Geffen, Riki Gal, Danny Robas, Rami Kleinsthen, Mookie, Harel Skaat, Miri Mesika, Eden Hason, Metropolin, Shabak Sameh, Amir Dadon and many more...
Because being well known as a versatile drummer Tomer was the drummer for three seasons of "dancing with the stars Israel" Five seasons of "the voice Israel" and many more different TV shows In Israel.
Tomer is also the drummer since 2004 in the project "Blackfield", a collaboration between Israeli rock star Aviv Geffen and British Artist Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree). Tomer did 5 albums with them and live tours around Europe and USA.

Sonor review by Tomer Z