The beat of love

To the drumming community.

First and foremost, we hope that all of you are safe and sound within these strange times. We here at SONOR feel with every single one out there being affected by the situation and hope that the current safety measures will help to bring this to an end soon.

With the negative side in our industry of cancelled gigs, tours, clinics, drum and trade shows we’ve also seen some positive developments in the drumming community such as many great players offering educational content, concerts being streamed and much more. This is another proof that we as drummers are a unique group of people, with a hunger to share knowledge and skills with others, supporting each other, even when times are rough.

Let’s unite and spread the #BeatOfLove all together. Stay at home, stay informed, follow the safety measures… and use the time for something productive!!
In the next weeks to come we will share artist content on our Facebook channel (@sonordrums) as well as Instagram (@sonordrumco) and we are looking forward to offer exclusive live streamed content via our YouTube channel (@sonordrumtube) with some of our global artists. And feel free to use the hashtag yourself when you post content. It’s all about having fun and growing as a musician. Available for all of you.

To all our fans and members of the SONOR family worldwide, be safe and healthy, love more, stay at home.

Your SONOR Team in Germany

#stayathome #sonorfamily #BeatOfLove