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Armand Majidi

Sick of it all

Sick Of It All is an american hardcore band from Queens, New York. Their band chronical started in 1986. The band lineup consits of brothers Lou Koller (vocals) and Pete Koller (guitar), Armand Majidi (drums) and Craig Setari (bass).

They is a major part of the New York hardcore scene. The band was formed during the era of the major hardcore decline, when many pioneering hardcore bands including Black Flag and Minor Threat disbanded. With nine Studio albums and touring all over the world Sick of It All are now one of the most popular hardcore bands to date.

To go more into detail, they published their debut album Blood, Sweat and No Tears in 1989. Their song texts deal with social injustices and New York´s street life. Three years after their debut album Sick Of It All recorded Just Look Around. Furthermore they went on their first tours in Europe, South America and Japan. 

The first major success of the band came with their third album Scratch the Surface in 1997. After this they recorded the albums Call to Arms, Yours Truly, Life on the Ropes and Death to Tyrants (2006). A year later the band published Our Impact Will Be Felt and in 2010 Based on a True Story.

The hardcore style of Sick Of It All is influenced bei metal as well as punk rock elements.

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