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Devin Jones

Jeremy Loops

I, Devin Jones, was surrounded by music from an early age and began playing the drums around the time I was 10 years old, playing professionally at the age of 13. I'm currently the drummer for Jeremy Loops and have also played for projects, Locnville, Plush, Hot Water, Captain Stu, 7th Son, Stereo Zen, Axxon, Jazz etc, Spratch, and the Natalie Chapman Band. I'm known for my energetic and creative playing. Having established myself as a versatile drummer, producing and playing for musical projects in different genres including punk rock, rock, pop, ska, folk and electronica.

My career started at Beau Soliel Music School under the guidance of percussionist and vibraphonist, Frank Mallows. I excelled in the college bands, in several school bands and had the experience of a lifetime to play in front of President Nelson Mandela. After school I attended the University of Cape Town where I excelled in performance and academic work, where I received the honour of being on the Dean's List.

In 1997, I joined my first band and in 1999 co-created my first project, "Day Old Toast", with whom I recorded two demos. From there I have continued to connect with various bands and projects to gain experience and exposure across various platforms.
In the late stages of 2011, I joined the super duo, Locnville. Locnville consists of brothers, Andrew and Brian Chaplin, born in New York and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.

From there, I moved to become the touring drummer for Jeremy Loops, who debuted at #1 on iTunes in South Africa in 2014, headlined major festivals, and maintained #1 on the three most prominent radio stations in Southern Africa with "Down South", his breakout single.
2016 - 2020 was massive consisting of international tours all over the world including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
I'm scheduled to tour the world with Jeremy Loops for the rest of 2021, and in the times when I'm back on home turf I'll continue to be called up for recording sessions, as well as investing in the drumming education of my students back home.

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