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Guy Davis


Freeze the Atlantic

Most notably known for playing drums in UK rock band Reuben (2001-2008). Formed new band Freeze The Atlantic in 2008 with members from Reuben and Hundred Reasons.

"...a fantastic drummer. Graceful and elegant, powerful and direct, he covers all bases comfortably and expertly. In the studio or in front of a live crowd - as we saw at this year's Download festival - he is able to drop jaws at ten paces." - Drummer magazine

"...but perhaps the most gifted member of the band is drummer Guy Davis. He proves himself to be quite a talented sticks man showing some rock-solid drumming that is as tight as a boxer's clenched fist. Much of the album is augmented by Davis' migraine generated drumming: listen to No One Wins The War, Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife and Our Song for proof of his head-pounding rhythm sections."