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Matthias Spitz

Juan Carlos Zeta

Roger & The Wild Horses

Alex Good 

Handsome Hank

Andi Leupp

"I'm in love with the beautifully crafted and awesome sounding Sonor drums! I'm happy and proud to be a part of the Sonor family, and I never feel I'm missing anything!" 

- Matthias Spitz -

Matthias Spitz works with a variety of bands in Switzerland, providing the solid foundation for the successful country band «Roger And The Wild Horses» and the Latin rock powerhouse «Juan Carlos Zeta Trio». 

His playing explores a mix of styles and a wide dynamic range, blending together the power of rock with the delicate virtuosity of jazz-fusion and the irresistible groove of funk.

As well as performing, Matthias composes and produces his own music. His Youtube channel is a growing resource for drummers.

Matthias completed his studies with renowned Swiss drummer Peter Haas at the Winterthurer Institut für aktuelle Musik (WIAM) in 2008 and later added an additional CAS in music education to his CV.

His knowledge and experience have also made Matthias an in-demand teacher.

Between gigs and work, he likes spending time with his family, reading, doing sport, watching movies and, if time allows, enjoying the wonderful Swiss mountains.