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Paul Collier


"American by birth. SONOR drummer by choice! Bang em Hard!!" 

- Paul Collier -

St. Louis based drummer Paul Collier continues to emerge in the vortex of his sound with a powerful technique and a unique style.

Drumming since age 5, Paul began with an interest in jazz studies in his formative years. Stylistically versatile, yet driven to reach his goals, he has a wide range of experience on the kit. With a background that covers the bases of jazz and blues, to Bonham based rock styles, and commercial work with amp designer Lee Jackson, Paul has performed all across the US as well an internationally.

Constantly challenging himself, in recent years Paul’s drumming has gained its own identity and sound in extreme metal styles. From recent touring work in Europe and the US with AngelCorpse, Paul has also shared the stage opening for toadyes current successful metal artists such as Behemoth, Nile, Morbid Angel, and Motorhead to name a few.

He continues to define his paying in a genre that gives him the freedom to combine the intricate voices of jazz, with the techniques needed for modern aggressive metal drumming.


Instagram: paulcollierdrums