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Pedro Soares



At the age of 2, Pedro's grandmother offered him a little drum kit for children. That might have triggered the taste for drumming but it was just in 1995 that Pedro returned to action in rehearsing with bands, playing hand percussion in gospel choirs and having his first real drum kit!

In 1996 Pedro began his own band with school mates, a death / doom metal outfit named ''Dying Season''. In the same year Pedro was invited to a a cover band, covering Portoguese artists such as Xutos e Pontapés, Delfins, Pólo Norte, UHF, to name a few. A couple of local shows ''reminded'' Pedro for his passion for heavy drumming and soon after, he left the cover project.

In October 1997, Pedro joined the classic Portoguese metal band ''Web''. Since then, he recorded two albums, two singles and a cover version with the band, and played more then 100 shows to date!

Besides his work with Web, he took part in other projects such as playing with Vitor Pereira in a childrens gospel album and workshops in youth centers promoting the taste for drumming.

Pedro is always looking for new musical opportunities such as workshops, recordings and freelance work here and there.