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Sonor introduces new hardware items

Sonor completes 2000 and 4000 Hardware Series

Sonor is glad to announce the completion of its 2000 and 4000 Series Hardware lines with the addition of new footware, including hi hat stands, single, as well as double bass drum pedals.

All pedals feature the "Perfect Pressure Point" footboard. The 4000 Series pedals feature a new post construction, a new designed hoop clamp mechanism (accessible from the side of the pedal), infinite beater adjustment, ball bearing footboard connection, and come with a sturdy bag.

The pedal beaters are located closer to the bass drum head which helps for a direct, balanced and powerful play.

4000 Series

SP 4000 Single Pedal

DP 4000 Double Pedal

HH 4000 Hi Hat Stand

2000 Series

SP 2000 Single Pedal

DP 2000 Double Pedal

HH 2000 Hi Hat Stand

HH LT 2000 Hi Hat Stand lightweight

HH XS 2000 Hi Hat Stand low

(Product Data Sheet - new footware)