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The Beat of Life

Rhythm is literally everything. And beat is quite actually the first thing in your life, that you feel. Yes – feel! You feel the beat of life before you hear it. Before you even recognize, you hear it. But when you feel it, you know it’s there. You know it moves you, drives you, keeps you alive. 

There are millions of options. You just have to choose.

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SONOR Series

Unleash your inner beat

The SONOR sound is more than the sum of our knowledge, commitment and expertise. Every SONOR instrument is a masterpiece made to express what no other voice can say. So you instantly know: this is the drum I was born to play

SQ² Drum System

Experience the SQ² Drum System and discover the ultimate in custom drums, uncompromising dedication to quality and SONOR craftmanship.

Prolite Series

There’s one feature that defines the ProLite series more than anything else. It’s THE Vintage Maple Sound.

Vintage Series

Vintage objects are legendary. They bring the good old days back to life. Listening to the unique character of tube amplifiers & enjoying the warm sound of vinyl albums.

SQ1 Series

With the combination of the Birch shell construction and SONOR's latest invention, the "Sound Sustainer" mounting solution you can feel the difference.

AQ2 Series

Through German engineering, all maple shells, and our SmartMount tom mounting system you can sound like the pros with SONOR AQ2.

AQ1 Series

The AQ1 Series is all about Birch and our SmartMount for better resonance. AQ1 is the perfect choice for ambitious beginners and gigging professionals alike.

AQX Series

Everything that not just a beginner needs: Great sounding shells, an extensive choice of configurations, bronze cymbals and a versatile snare drum.

One of a Kind Snares

…that's what you get with one of these hand-built masterpieces. The stunning naturally grown veneers make each snare drum as unique as your fingerprint.

Artist and
Special Snares

The exclusive SONOR Artist Series combines the experience of the world's most talented drummers with SONOR's vast percussion instrument manufacturing expertise. 

Kompressor Snares

Our new Kompressor series snare drums transform air to pure sonic energy, that takes your breath from the first hit.

Gavin Harrison
Signature Snares

In late 2011, SONOR and Gavin began working on the "Protean” project with the goal to create a snare drum that is as musically versatile as Gavin himself.

Benny Greb
Signature Snares

10 years after the first extremely successful collaboration for a Signature Snare with the jack-of-all-trades and close #SONORfamily member Benny Greb, the Benny Snare is back and has even brought reinforcements. 

Jost Nickel
Signature Snare

Jost Nickel: Drummer, teacher, author - Jost explores all aspects of drumming. In the course of his long career Jost has developed his style, that is as unique as his Signature Snare Drum.

Jojo Mayer Perfect
Balance Pedals

"The Perfect Balance Pedal is a carefully calibrated system that optimizes the linear translation of your foot movements and makes many adjustments expendable. It was designed with a principle in mind that reflects ultimate sophistication to me: Simplicity." - Jojo Mayer

Giant Step Pedals

SONOR Giant Step bass drum pedals are the best tool for discriminating drummers refusing to sacrifice any musical freedom. As state-of-the-art pedal, Giant Step delivers an optimum feel for the music along with speed and handling.

Hardware Series

We have quite some history in drum hardware, dating back to 1900 when we introduced our first bass drum pedal.

Build your dream - live your style

SQ2 Drum Configurator

Sonor Heart

Endorsed artists

Do you hear it? Do you feel it? Do you REALLY feel it? These people do and they are absolutely passionate about it. That’s what makes them part of our community. Part of our lifestyle. Part of our family. That’s what makes them the heart of our SONOR family.

The origin of the SONOR sound


Shell Size

Shell Construction

T.A.R.-mounting system

The Dual Glide System


Sonor Stories

The pulse, the passion, the power

Our drums inspire artists all around the world to create music, impressions, rhythms, emotions, you name it. We are an active and vivid company always on the move. Want to stay tuned? There you are.

Mt. Juliet, TN, USA, June 6, 2024… Hubert Payne, touring and recording drummer for Little Big Town, is the latest addition to the SONOR Drums Artist…


Mt. Juliet, TN, USA, May 1, 2024… Ken Bedene, celebrated as one of the world’s fastest and most technically skilled drummers within the metal scene…


Breathtaking power, unparalleled variety. 

In keeping with this commitment, we are addig two new wooden snare drums to our successful KOMPRESSOR…


Every genre. Every profession. Every style.

The Beat
of Life

Drum on me

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