Venezuela Pop Rock

Enzo Bacino

Enzo was born on 18 November 1983. At the age of 16 he began his inclination towards music and since then, he has developed as a drummer.

Currently, he is studying with renowned drummer Venezuelan Miguel Hernandez (creator of the first book of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms adapted to the drums). Enzo is the creator of the 1st Gathering of Drummers in Lara (most important event of drummers in the region), was also founder of different musical institutions: like the first music school in the city of Anaco Anzoátegui State, School of Fine Arts Music Anaco and the first academy for drummers Exclusive Music Academy Vicenzo in Barquisimeto, Lara State.

This young Venezuelan artist has performed in many concerts and clinics in different cities of the country and in different parts of the world. He has also participated in several major festivals such as: Festival International de Jazz Barquisimeto, Lara Drummers Meeting, International Festival of Latin American Drummers, Converse Rock Festival, among others...

He has worked as a live drummer with artists such as: RENE GONZALEZ, RICARDO RODRIGUEZ, DANNY BERRIOS, SETH CONDREY, among others. Also a as guest drummer for the Artists: CHRISTOPHER UCKERMANN (RBD), CHRISTINE D CLARIO, BENJAMIN RIVERA, among others... Currently working as a drummer in Venezuela with: LA CORRIENTE, SANTORAL, GISEL RAMOS, LAS BUENAS NUEVAS DEL ESTE church and in his personal musical project as well. He has recorded in musical productions with renowned musicians such as Luis Angel El Papa "Pastor (Bassist and Director of Carlos Vives). Also Enzo has had a lot of appearances on television, radio, newspapers and magazines.