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Hao Chia Chang

Hao Chia Chang is a highly acclaimed and prolific drum recording artist.

He is known for his distinctive playing and has cooperated with a multitude of musicians and producers,
including Sunset Rollercoaster, The Landlord's Cat, Sangpuy, GBOYSWAG, Tiger Huang, Deserts Chang (Chiao An-Pu), Crowd Lu, Angela Chang, Hunger Artist ,and Mavis Fan. The drums he played of Recording has been nominated and won numerous Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

Hao Chia believes in the importance of developing well-rounded musicians who are not just skilled drummers but can also handle other aspects of music production and performance. He is also passionate about passing his experience and technique on to the next generation.

In addition to being a professional drummer, Hao Chia is also deeply committed to music education and outreach. In 2014, he founded Backbone Music, which provides a variety of services, including music education, drum tech, repair, and sales. To date, Hao Chia has taught and served more than hundreds of students and musicians. He has also successfully held several drum clinic in Taiwan.

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