Peter Zettl

Peter started playing drums at the age of 6 on a small toy drumkit.

Two years later he got his first set of real drums (a Sonor „Rocker 2000“) and has been playing Sonor drums ever since. 

After a decade of playing with local bands and studying with private teachers he went to Dr. Hochs Konservatorium Frankfurt/Germany to study classical percussion. He is an active musician and teacher for more than 25 years now and played and recorded everything from children's music to heavy rock. His credits include albums from Der W, Nosie Katzmann, Ingo Bischof (Kraan), Dein Song (TV Show) and many others. Peter is currently a member of Der W - the side/solo-project of Böhse Onkelz Bassplayer Stephan Weidner. 

„I play Sonor Drums for over 40 years now for a reason. They are simply the best. My Vintage Series Kit is the best sounding kit I’ve ever had and it looks as good as it sounds. Being a member of the Sonor family is an honor and a childhood dream come true.“

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