Reinhard Schwarzinger

Reinhard Schwarzinger born on May 11, 1977 in Krems a.d. Donau / Lower Austria,
started playing drums at the age of 7 and took his first drum lessons at the local music
school in Grafenwoerth, where he also grew up.

2004 Graduated from MUK - Music and Art Private University of the City of Vienna
2012 IGP Diploma at the Vienna Conservatory.

Reinhard has worked with numerous artists and bands live and in studio such as:
TribU2, N!ddl, Como, Friss, Achtung Baby, Ron Glaser, Max Shelly, Bluatschink,
Groove Cafe, Tini Kainrath, Hartmut Pfannmüller, Tuesday, Whispers in the Shadow,
Jiri Malakoff, Sheila Fernandez, The Original Brothers, Casino Late Night Show,
Swing Time Big Band, Wolfgang Lindner Band, Semino Rossi, uvm. zusammen.

In addition to numerous live performances and studio sessions, he has also been a
teacher and lecturer at various music schools, seminars and workshops since 1997.

Reinhard has been playing sonor drums for over 30 years and is part of SONOR family of
artists since 2000.

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