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Blood makes related, rhythm makes family! Passion is a strong bond that unites even the most diverse people into one big, strong family. We are extremely proud of this because we love to share our passion for drums with them and strongly support this diversity in our family. So, welcome to our SONOR Family: These artists are the heart of SONOR and keep the beat of life alive.

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Artists endorsement application

Apply for the SONOR Artist Family

You already play SONOR with all your heart? You are an exceptional, successful and/or aspiring professional drummer, educator or influencer and would like to become part of the official SONOR Artist Family?


General information about the application

We want to be open and honest with you right from the start.

As we actively work with our official SONOR artists and support them professionally to a high degree, our capacity to accept new artists is very limited and the hurdles are correspondingly high.

Nevertheless, we look at every application in detail and want to give you honest feedback as quickly as possible.

However, due to the high number of applicants, this can sometimes take some time. We therefore ask for your patience.

In some cases, we also involve our SONOR distribution partners in the respective countries (depending on where you are mainly active as a drummer). It is therefore also possible that you will receive final feedback from one of our partners. If you have already applied to the national SONOR distributor in your country and have received a rejection, please let us know in advance or refrain from applying again.

To make the review process easier for us, please try to make your application informative so that we can get a comprehensive picture of you, but at the same time well structured and manageable.

Please also take a look at the profiles of our existing SONOR Artists in advance and check self-critically whether you see yourself on this scale before you send us your application.


What we would like to know about you:


  • tell us briefly who you are!
  • when and why did you decide to play SONOR?
  • what qualifies you to become part of the official SONOR Artist Family?
  • in which well-known projects / bands are or were you active?
  • what reach do you have (concert sizes / TV / social media etc.) ?
  • where are you mainly on tour (regional / national / international) ?
  • what do you hope / expect from a collaboration with SONOR ?
  • how will the SONOR brand benefit from working with you? 

Are you ready?

Yes, then please send us your application by e-mail: artists@sonor.de


Your contact person

Nico Lange

Artist Relations Manager

Sonor Service

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