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AQ2 Series

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SONOR is always aiming to empower musicians all over the world with the best percussion instruments, from the first early steps to professional level. That’s why we created the AQ Series, consisting of AQ2, AQ1 and the brand-new AQX. With this, drummers at the beginning of their musical journey all the way to pro level have the tools to get started right away and experience the legendary SONOR quality and sound.

It's your choice
- Joe Styppa

"What you see and what you hear is what you get. The track on the video was recorded on AQ2 Series drums right out of the box! And all those sizes – now it’s your choice!"

AQ2 Features

Be individual.

Through German engineering, all maple shells, and our SmartMount tom mounting system you can sound like the pros with SONOR AQ2. Five standard configurations are offered, all featuring a 7-ply all maple shell construction. The drums share fittings and finishes, offering the flexibility to mix and match within AQ2. The minimalistic yet functional SmartMount tom mounting system has the true German design and engineering sprit: optimal sound sustain and quality with a minimal amount of hardware on the drum shell.

100% all Maple Shells

Maple offers a mellow, warm and very balanced full tone providing low frequency punch and a mixed balance of mids and highs.

Five beautiful Finishes

Whether you go for one of our four high gloss lacquer finishes or for the classic white pearl wrap – you will enjoy the look of your AQ2 kit as much as your audience does.

SmartMount Suspension System

Minimal, yet functional - The SmartMount tom suspension system offers solid performance and isolation between the drum and its mounting hardware. It attaches to only two lugs, without touching the shell, to maximize resonance and sustain.

AQ Cast Lugs

The new SONOR cast lug, used on all of the AQ-Series drums, was engineered in Germany with close attention to functionality, durability and design. It is assembed using multiple components and includes our TuneSafe system to prevent detunung of the drums.

SONOR Series

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