Kompressor Snare Series

Kompressor Snare Series

Breathtaking power, unparalleled variety.

Our new Kompressor series snare drums transform air to pure sonic energy, that takes your breath from the first hit. The sensitive response, the powerful and characteristic SONOR sound and the wide range of materials and sizes make these snares a true workhorse, suitable for a variety of musical styles.

Thanks to the used Optimum Shell Measurements (OSM) drumheads can vibrate more freely due to the slightly reduced shell diameter. For maximum tuning stability even under extreme conditions, these snares are also equipped with TuneSafe lugs.

The recently introduced KOMPRESSOR Beech Wood models add even more voices to the range and complement the other metal drums as your go-to wood drums for all musical situations. Their Made in Germany beechwood shell projects with the same full, articulate and responsive tone. At the same time, these new instruments share all hardware features with the other KOMPRESSOR snares.

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Versatile and

"That's the first thing that comes to mind about KOMPRESSOR snares.
It´s the THE snare for every situation. The high quality at this price is outstanding, therefore it is so easy to tune. I have never found a first-class sound so quickly.

At the video shoot there was always a smile from the producer!“

Stephan Emig, Professional Drummer

Optimum shell measurement (O.S.M.)

SONOR implements a slightly narrow outside shell measurement for optimized head contact. This is a SONOR specialty, resulting in excellent tone, better sustain and controlled decay.


Right in tune, 100% of the time with a patented system that prevents tension rods from loosening, giving maximum tuning stability, even under extreme environments.

2.3mm Steel Power Hoops

Kompressor Snare Drums are equiped with tripple-flanged 2.3mm Steel Power Hoops for a full and focused sound with a solid playing feel.

Remo USA Heads

At SONOR, we truly believe that first impressions last. All Kompressor Snare Drums are outfitted with USA-made REMO® heads for a professional sound right out of the box.

Standard Snare Throw-Off

Our Standard Snare Throw-Off keeps it simple. The adjustment knob for the snare wire tension and lever operate smoothly. Together they provide functionality that is just to the point.

German-made Beech Shell

KOMPRESSOR wood snare drums use a 12-ply, 8mm Heavy Beech Shell that is made using and assembled in Germany using our proprietary Cross Laminated Tension Free Process (CLTF).

SONOR Series

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