AQ2 Safari Shell Set WM

SKU 17503622,17503635,17503640,17503664 Sets and Single Drums / Shell Sets / AQ2 Series

BD 16" x 15" (with Mount), SD 13" x 06", TT 10" x 07", FT 13" x 12", Maple, CTH 4000

AQ2 offers more value and more choices than any other instrument in its class. 100% Maple shells offer a mellow, warm and very balanced, full tone with low frequency punch and a balance of mids and highs. The Smart Mount suspension system maximizes the drums sustain. The cast lugs with TuneSafe and the high-quality shell hardware provide a professional feel. Four high-gloss lacqueres, one Delmar wrap-finish and an almost unlimited choice of sizes allow everyone to configure the drum set they are looking for.

Technical specifications

Shell Sizes
BD 16" x 15" (with Mount), SD 13" x 06", TT 10" x 07", FT 13" x 12"
Shell Material
Canadian/Chinese Maple Wood Shells
Shell Layup
7 plies, 5.8 mm Shell Thickness (BD,TT,FT,SD)
Bearing Edges
Tom Suspension System
Smart Mount Suspension System
1.6mm Steel Hoops on TT & FT, 2.3mm Power Hoops on SD, Matching Wood Hoops on BD
SONOR AQ Single Lugs, Hole Spacing: 32mm
AQ2 Badge, 40x60mm
Shell Manufacturing
Other Features
TuneSafe System
Snare Throw-Off
Standard Throw-Off
Included Accessories
CTH 4000 Cymbal/Tom Holder
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