SKU 13587101 Hardware / Accessories / Basic Arm System

Basic Arm System, Basic Double Stand, Double Braced, Individually rotateable 3rd Leg, 19mm Recievers

Freedom, Flexibility and Function - The Basic Arm System allows you to create your own customized individual hardware setup. The Basic Arm System is divided into the Basic Arm 19 and Basic Arm 12, reflecting the variation in tube diameters. Within the Basic Arm System and the 600-Series Hardware we utilize identical ratchets overall for ease of compatibility between the components. The details are too many to mention - experiment and design the Basic Arm System of our own. Did you know? You can simply build a classic tom holder with our Basic Arm program to fit older SONOR Series like Signature, Phonic, Lite, Performer and Force 2000 and 3000!

Technical specifications

Other Features
Compatible with all Accessories with 19mm Tube Diameter from the Basic Arm System and the other Hardware Series, 3-Segment Clamp, 3-Segment Memory Clamp
Single Stage Hight Adjustment, Individually rotateable 3rd Leg
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